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After months of searching and spending many weekends checking out all the options, I finally decided on my wedding dress! It was the second dress I tried on, and I had no idea at the time that it would be the one. I was never the kind of person that could make a big decision without exhausting all of my options first, so it was no surprise that I had to try on dress after dress in order to make my decision. I tried on so many beautiful dresses and each time I would come out with a few new favorites. But this dress… this is the dress I tried on at every store and the one I constantly thought about. As I added and eliminated different dresses, this is the dress that always remained. I always found something I didn’t like about every other dress, even if it was the smallest thing. But not this dress. When I was asked what I would change about the dress, I stood in the dress at the bridal store, looking at every detail, my response was “Nothing. Absolutely nothing.” And that’s when I knew that it would be the dress I wear as I walk down the aisle and become Mrs. Adam Muszynski!

Of course, now that I ordered my dress, it is killing Adam that he doesn’t know what it looks like, but I think he’ll survive 🙂

Much Love,

307 days!!


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wedding dress shopping today! maybe i’ll find the one 🙂

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