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We spent Easter weekend visiting Adam’s family in Madison Heights. While we were there, Adam’s parents took us on a small road trip to…… IKEA! This was Melanie’s first time at IKEA and she was in heaven. Not only did we get some new shelves for Adam’s shot glasses and a very unique mirror for the bedroom, but we also got some nice decorating ideas. Lets just say, Melanie is ready to own a house and buy out the store for her decorating needs. 

Speaking of decorating, we got a new couch! Okay, so it’s not really a new couch but its better than the futon with bars under our back ends and having to flip the cushion when things started getting really uncomfortable. Melanie’s parents were generous enough to let us take the green couch from the basement, which is seriously the most comfortable couch we have ever experienced sitting in. Thanks to Adam’s parents bringing up their BIG van, we were able to move it in about a week ago. Our back ends our thankful 🙂



Well, that’s about all the excitement that is going on with us right now. We are staying busy with work, job applications, and Two and a Half Men.

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie 


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