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Hello Everyone! We figured it was time for another update.

Adam started his summer golf league this week. Turns out he signed up with a bunch of old men and his coworker TJ. Although he didn’t golf as well as he would have liked, it felt great to get out on the course. He can’t wait to improve his golf game as the weeks go on.

Over the past few weeks, Melanie has also been busy creating a website for her bead work. She has compiled a price list and is now selling her work!! In her free time, she is also creating new designs to sell in the future. If you haven’t seen her work yet, please go check it out!

Beads By Melanie Website: http://www.wix.com/beadsbymelanie/home

Beads By Melanie Blog: http://beadsbymelanie.tumblr.com/

We are also starting a mini golf league tonight that the Midland Basketball Academy is putting on. Adam came up with an awesome team name. The Par-Fectionists! We are planning to take first place 😀 

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie


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Hello Everyone! Thank you for visiting our blog. With many changes coming up in our future, we wanted to find a way to keep our family and friends updated on what is going on in our lives. With that being said, here is our first post:

After graduation, Adam’s internship offered him a position as an Athletics Assistant at the Midland Community Center. Adam was finally able to move out of Melanie’s parent’s house at the end of January and get his own apartment in Midland, Michigan very close to work (and by “his own apartment” we mean his own apartment that Melanie has decorated and spends a lot of time at as well…). This winter, Adam spent a lot of his time coaching the Midland Basketball Academy 6th Grade Boys Basketball Team with his co-worker TJ. The team got off to a rough start with a record of 0-8, but they were able to finish their season 7-2, which made Coach Adam very happy.

Melanie’s internship on the other hand, was not so generous. She has been continually searching for a job in her field, but has so far been unsuccessful. Melanie started working as a substitute teacher for Saginaw Township and Midland Public Schools, which has definitely been an adventure in itself. While she isn’t busy shaping the minds of future world leaders, she is continuing with her creativity and love for bead work. Melanie is currently working on a collection of home decor/kitchen items. She is decorating anything from serving utensils to glass plates and bowls, and hopes to be selling some pieces soon.

Wedding planning has also been keeping us pretty busy, but we are loving every second of it. There will be more details on that in our next post 🙂

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

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