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This past month of wedding planning has been serious madness. Of course it probably didn’t help that we decided to throw a big move into the mix, but my goodness, this has been without a doubt, the fastest month of our lives. We are afraid to blink because we might miss the wedding if we do!

So in case you are wondering what we have been up to the past month, here it goes:

Once August 3rd came, we had to call the remaining guests we still hadn’t heard from to reach a final count. Once that was done, the seating chart began, and talk about work. “These people can’t sit by these people. This person has to sit by her. We can’t separate these people. Where can we put this person. These people need to be next to their cousins. You can’t put them by the kids. Oh, this person isn’t coming anymore.” AHH! Needless to say, we have FINALLY reached a seating chart that should please everyone. And if not, we are sorry, we did try our very best.

Although we had the favor designs done a while ago, we still needed to put them all together. This was actually the least tedious task of all and was completed during a night of watching The Bachelor.

Our table numbers were perfect. We designed them on the computer and we were finally able to print them. Then came the big hiccup. Luckily, Adam was not giving up! He got everything ironed out… and then we couldn’t find any frames we liked.

The centerpieces were something that had Melanie worried from day one. We made them all ourselves and as the wedding got closer and closer, we began to wonder if we could actually pull it off. Were we EVER going to find all the supplies we needed? Well, in the final days of planning, they were finally finished and turned out perfect. And that is probably the biggest check off our to-do list thus far.

Another prolonged project that we should have finished by now: PROGRAMS. We are just adding the finishing touches, but if it weren’t for Colette, Terry, Lauren, Tonya, and Shana, we don’t know what we would have done!! Thanks everyone!

Melanie got a trial run of her wedding hair, which means she has officially decided how she wants to wear it!

Last but not least, we FINALLY got our wedding bands back!


And of course, as soon as we seem to be making a dent in our list, we remember more things we have to do. AHHH!


We still have so much to do, including finishing up the programs, making place cards, picking up our marriage license, paying bills, and making sure everything is where it needs to be on the day of the wedding. But don’t let us fool you, we are still finding the fun in all our big projects. And hey, the Bachelor and Bachelorette Parties weren’t too shabby either.

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

8 days!


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