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Well, here is a weekend recap… a day late. Get ready for this action packed weekend! Sorry for the delay, moving and wedding planning tend to take up a lot of time 🙂

Friday got off to an early start (for Melanie having the day off). She had to meet the carpet cleaners bright and early at 8:30am. When she arrived at the house, she noticed all the neighbors had their trash out, so she rushed to drag/toss the heavy bags out to the curb in time for the truck to drive by the house. Apparently, FRIDAY is trash day! The rest of the day was spent doing last minute packing, taking boxes to the house, and of course, watching the Opening Ceremonies of the OLYMPICS!


Saturday was another early morning for us. Adam and the guys had the task of moving all of our furniture, while Melanie had her third and final BRidal Shower.


After the Bridal Shower, Melanie returned back to the house with her mom and sister, and the unpacking began. With the unpacking came a masterpiece in the garage, formally known as the Leaning Tower of Boxes.


After all that hard work, it was Margarita Time!!


Sunday was another eventful day! First of all, we had to return our furry friend to her owners 😦 . We got some furniture delivered from Adam’s parents, AND we got our washer and dryer hooked up. That’s right, we now have our very own WASHER AND DRYER! 🙂

Sunday afternoon we headed to Linwood to celebrate Grandma Mary’s 75th Birthday with the rest of the Richter clan. We finished the weekend off watching the Olympics, but most importantly, Women’s Gymnastics!

See… we told you it was eventful! Could we have possibly stuffed anything else into this weekend… we think not!

Can’t believe it’s already Tuesday! This week is going to fly by!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

24 days! 


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We decided we have kept you in suspense long enough. Since we are finally able to move in, we decided we could finally let you see some pictures! Enjoy!!

The Living Room

The Kitchen

The Dinette

Master Bedroom

Guest Room


Main Bathroom

Upstairs Laundry and Half Bathroom


Well that concludes the tour of our FIRST HOME (still doesn’t feel real!)! What do you guys think?! Moving this weekend, let us know if you want to help!

Happy Thursday!!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

29 days!

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We FINALLY got the keys to our new house!! After owning it for a whole nine days, it still doesn’t feel real! Of course our to-do list is already a mile long and we have A LOT of work to do in the next few days, but we are so excited to finally have a place to call our own! Can’t wait to show you pictures!

And the lovely chore of packing and moving begins!! Thank goodness that this is the last move for us for a while!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

30 days!

P.S. You won’t want to miss tomorrow’s post! 🙂

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Wedding {ONE MONTH!!}

Another month has come and gone, and we have a feeling this month will fly by in the blink of an eye! We are working hard on all the final wedding plans and really trying to enjoy what’s left of the planning. This month is going to be extremely busy, but probably one of the best months of our lives!

In one short month we will be husband and wife, and we couldn’t be happier about it!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

31 days!

P.S. This is your final reminder to send back those RSVP’s and reserve your hotel room by… TODAYY!! Don’t forget!

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Wedding {RSVP’s}

We have been receiving so many RSVP’s back in the mail! Melanie is so excited to get them that she goes to her parents’ house everyday to see how many came in the mail. Each time a new one comes, we get more and more excited for the big day! We can’t wait to see you all veryy soon.


**Friendly reminder: All hotel rooms need to be booked by TOMORROW in order to get the special rate. Also, after TOMORROW, all rooms that were being held for our group and are not reserved will be opened up to the public. SO please, don’t forget to book your room!!

There are still a lot of guests that we haven’t received RSVP’s back from. If this is you, please make sure to send those back BEFORE August 3rd so we know what you would like to eat!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

32 days!! 

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Just Us {House Guest}

We have a house guest for the next ten days, and we are so excited to finally have a visitor! Meet Zoey, our furry, four-legged friend. Although she won’t be much help with the packing, she will keep us enertained and exercised. She is settling in well, as Adam is treating her like a queen (Melanie has been replaced).


Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

36 days!

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Wedding {Invitations}

We mentioned a while ago that we received our invitations, and shortly after that, we mentioned they were sent out. Well, we didn’t want to spoil the surprise for anyone, so we never posted pictures of what they looked like. Everyone should have received their invitation by now, no matter how far away they live, so its time to show them off!!

Our photographer designed them for us, and she did a fabulous job! (Thanks Jordanne!)

First of all, when Melanie opened the box, she was instantly giddy with excitement. Not only did they look beautiful, but they were wrapped up so cute a perfect (yes, she is a dork).

Here is what the invitations looked like once they were all put together, ENjoy!

when opening the envelope, this is what the envelopment looked like before seeing the actual invitation

the opened envelopment:

Main Invite:

RSVP card (front and back):

Reception card (front & back):

We love, love, LOVE how they turned out! We were so excited to send them out, and we hope all of you enjoyed seeing them sitting in your mailbox!

Reminder: If you haven’t responded yet, we need these by August 3rd! All hotel reservations need to be made by July 24th (that’s only 9 days away!) in order to be guaranteed a room. If you have any questions, let us know! 🙂

Happy Hump Day!!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

37 days!

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