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Over Memorial Day Weekend, Frankenmuth had their Hot Air Balloon Festival. The campground we stayed at was only 20 minutes away, so we all piled in the big van and road tripped there.

They were letting off six balloons right near Adam’s work. We parked the car and watched as one by one they all went up, up, and away! It was quite a sight to see. We were also expecting to be able to walk up to the balloons later on in the night, but due to the wind, the balloons didn’t make it for the glow portion of the evening. Yes, we know… big bummer.

After attending the festival, a hot air balloon ride is right at the top of Melanie’s bucket list, surprise surprise! So if anyone ever really wants to get us a nice… expensive… gift, hot air balloon ride it is. Just kidding!… sort of.

Here are some pictures from the festival:

Have you had the privilege of riding in a hot air balloon? Melanie’s grandparents did this as a gift from all their children on their 40th wedding anniversary. What an amazing experience!

Happy Thursday! (can you believe it’s already thursday?)

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

85 days! 

P.S. We think everyone liked the post about our almost new home! We had almost 200 views yesterday (198 to be exact) which is the most we’ve ever had in one day!! The new car has been holding the title of most popular post since December (186 views). We also loved the comments we received! Keep them coming, it’s nice to know that people actually do read this 🙂


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All of the house hunting has finally paid off. We found a beautiful home, made an offer, and after a lot of back and forth, we finally came to an agreement with the sellers! It is in a nice quiet neighborhood in Thomas Township. It has a huge yard, a two car garage, 3 bedrooms, 1 full and 2 half baths, upstairs laundry, and the basement is wide open for any remodeling we will want to do in the future.

Yesterday we handed over our deposit and we couldn’t be more excited! We still have to go through inspection and all that jazz, but we plan to be in at the beginning of August (as if a wedding in August wasn’t enough, right?!)

So now we wait, and dream about all the fun things we want to eventually do to our new home. Until then, here is a sneak peek of our new almost house. Sorry for the poor quality, Melanie was being a creeper as we drove by it the other day.

So now, who wants to help us move?! Or paint… any takers?

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

86 days! 

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We hope everyone enjoyed their fabulous three day weekend, because we sure did!

Friday, we headed to Vassar for some camping with Adam’s family for the first unofficial weekend of summer.

Saturday was a beautiful day spent in the sun near the pond. We built an awesome sand castle, and our favorite five year old, Jamie, even got us to go swimming.

Saturday night we headed to Frankenmuth for the Hot Air Balloon Festival. It was so neat watching how quickly they can blow up the hot air balloons and send them off. We stuck around for the “glow” portion of the night, but due to the wind, it was unsuccessful. We also saw some dog jumping competitions in between.

On Sunday played a lot of cards due to the rain, rain and more rain. We survived a few good storms, Adam’s tent however, did not.

Monday we headed home early so Melanie could get her homework done. But she did manage to take a break from her studies to plant some flowers in our hanging basket and register for a few new things for our house.

bathroom hardware from bed, bath and beyond

fire pit for our new patio

What did you do for your extended memorial day weekend? Did you get stuck in the storms? Go shopping for a house you don’t own?

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

87 days!

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Only 3 short months left, which means another chalkboard post. Yay!!  Where did all the time go?! People weren’t kidding when they said the time would fly by! We have so much yet to do, but we are still enjoying every minute of it. Who’s excited?!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

92 days! 

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Melanie bought her shoes, quite a while ago actually. Since most of you probably won’t notice them the day of the wedding, we decided it would be okay to show some pictures today. But this is the only sneak peek of Melanie’s attire that you will be getting, so don’t get too excited.

Aren’t they beautiful?!

Happy Tuesday!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

94 days! 

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Just Us {Weekend Recap}

The weekends are never really long enough…this one came and went in the blink of an eye!

Friday, Melanie went wine tasting with some fabulous ladies, and had a little too much fun!


Then, we went to Apple Mountain for some dancing, and to hear CEYX play, of course. Adam was a sweetie and requested they play the song they will be playing for us on our wedding day in… 95 days.

Saturday, we headed out house hunting once again, but this time brought both of our parents along. We also purchased some flowers for our bench and got them planted. Yay!!

Sunday, WE PUT A PURCHASE AGREEMENT ON A HOUSE!! We found one that we loooovee, so now we are just playing the waiting game as this whole house buying process begins. It is such an exciting, yet stressful step in our lives. We can’t wait to show you all the house, as long as everything goes as planned.

The rest of the weekend was spent studying, well, for Melanie anyways. She forgot how much work this whole college thing is.

Overall, another fabulous weekend! Hope everyone else had a good one as well.

Happy Monday!

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

95 days! 

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A few weeks ago, we started HouSE HuNTinG!! We found ourselves a great realtor, well…Melanie’s grandma found him for us, and we have been spending many of our nights with him looking through houses. We have seen some pretty…unique… houses, but we have also found some pretty nice ones. Overall, we have really been enjoying searching for the perfect home to start our family.

Now, we would like to think we are pretty easy going when it comes to what we are looking for. We don’t really care what the house looks like; we can tear out carpet, rip down wallpaper, paint the walls, redo the cabinets, etc. But the layout of the house is where we become picky. Here is a list of our must-haves for our home:

-three bedrooms
-one and a half bathrooms (or at the very least, plumbing for another bathroom)
-two car attached garage
-large basement
-gas heat/air conditioner
-nice sized backyard

Shouldn’t be too hard to find, right?

(photos taken from realtors’ websites)

Well, we have gone through 20+ homes now, and we think we’ve found some winners. We will keep you posted throughout the process. Who knows, we may have a house by the time we’re married 🙂

What are some crazy things you have seen while searching for your home?

Much Love,
Adam & Melanie

99 days! …that’s right! DOUBLE DIGITS BABY!

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